Pink and Gray spells Hooray!!!

Ever since I randomly put these 2 colors onto the background of my journal page, I have been crazy mad about it.  I used a neon red paint and a greyish green and wiped them both down with a paper towel while they were still wet to mute them.  This is a work in progress (which I hope is obvious)...

So, when I started painting some extra pages in my moleskine today to get it ready for an upcoming trip to los angeles, I had to use this combo again (although this one is neon pink and grey) and I thought...I should blog about this since I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
I suddenly realized that I was wearing it too!... (I told you I was crazy for this combo...or am I just crazy?)
I think this is use a little neon with a dull color.  SO awesome.
neon pink and brown!!!  or khaki...or army green...I'm getting excited again...
My new neon red liquitex paint pen with some grey montana paint pens.  ooohhh...yum...
 Are you getting my drift yet?  
 I know it seems like these shots are staged.  I assure you they are not.  I had no idea that I had inadvertently assembled little collections here and there with this yummy color combo.
I found these little storage bags at target a couple months ago.
 I found this betsey johnson design (betseyville) from JC Penneys...$30 and had to have it.
 see how handy these are?
wood and neon...I will have to play around with this combo more.  Try it.  You'll like it.