little clip of my art room and journals

I was asked to make this clip for an upcoming retreat I am teaching at.  It's a pretty bad video (I have no skill in this area) but I thought I'd post it anyway for the fun of it.

5x7 drawing journal

 I just realized that I had posted some of my older pages on Facebook but not on my blog.  I like to have everything on my blog.  It's a great way to archive my pages.  That's why I post nearly every page I make.
 The eye on the octopus was a tutorial I followed on pinterest.  It was super easy and I think it turned out pretty good.  Definitely learned a few things by doing it.
 I was playing around with making a christmas card in my journal one morning while at the coffee shop, but I wasn't crazy about the figure so I never finished it.  It was inspired by a sweater that one of the customers was wearing.

Someone told me that they liked my old style better than this current style.  I appreciate the feedback but it made me stop all journaling in this smaller (drawing) journal and start a large one where I went back to my old style (see previous post).  Which...actually...felt really good.  Like putting on an old familiar favorite sweater.  But looking at these drawings again makes me want to pick up my pencil & pen again.  I need to meld the two better...something to work on in 2013.

Journal pages

 Newest Journal:  Moleskine sized 8-1/2 x 12" with stiffer paper.  Loving the large size again.

 oops...scanned in with the bookmark.

Just fine

I'm going to write about Newtown, but just about how it affects me. Not you, not us, and definitely not their families, who have an unimaginable future in front of them.

This part is just about me, and might be very terribly self-absorbed. Because of that, it might be inappropriate, given recent events, and if so, I'm sorry about that. As always, feel free to skip.

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This past week, I was on call in the middle of the week. I delivered three babies, which seems like not that many for a 15 hour shift, so why was I so busy? Because despite my best efforts, everybody ended up with more help than I like to give. So I ended up doing a cesarean section for a really unpleasant looking fetal heart tracing as I came on the floor, a vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery in the wee hours of the morn, and then a cesarean section for fever and lack of labor progress right when I was supposed to go home.

And then I remembered another day that was the opposite of that. It went like this.

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