Convenient Care @ River Hospital

Alexandria Bay:

Just before her belly flop dive at the recent Rotary Fund Raiser, I spotted Convenient Care Nurse, Marcia Graves all dressed up doing some great "PR" for this time and cost saving service.  I have used it on several occasions and I guess the best way to describe it... just like the name says.... CONVENIENT. The video of Marcia that I captured describes just what Convenient Care is all about.....

Rotary Fund Raiser "Making A Splash" 2013

Alexandria Bay:

Second Annual, Alex Bay Rotary Belly Flop/Cannon Ball fund raiser makes a big splash during the "Rockin' The Bay Music Weekend Event. Here is a sampling of the jumpers from this years fund raiser..... Johnny Spezzano did a great job as Master Of Ceremonies.... Please watch the video all the way to the end...... there are some cool still shots of the floppers in Mid-Air...


Things are hard at work. It would be easy to say that this was because I'm working too much, and this has been true.

But it's more correct to say that I had a particularly terrible night on call last week, with several truly horrible things happening. I can tolerate the ones that are not my fault - I didn't cause the intrauterine fetal demise, or the terrible laceration, or the 19 week previable delivery. But some of the others are...well, not my fault, exactly, but suboptimally managed, shall we say, which is doctor euphemism for "some bad s**t went down."

In any case, I find myself really shaken right now. It would, actually, be easier not to go back to work for a good, long time.

One Week Left till the fun starts

 The final run of The Mermaid Circus will be starting in a week and we still have a few spots left. We are limiting the size this time due to a more managable facebook group for everyone to share in. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but this IS a fantastic experience and one that won't be repeated. Even if you don't like circus's OR mermaids, there is so much great information to apply to your work. We have even been approached about doing a book on it, it's that awesome. Neither of us have enough time to devote to a book so if you want to see it, this is your last chance. For the amount of sheer lessons and the fact that you don't have to travel anywhere to take this, it's a great opportunity. hope to see you in the classroom.

Make A Big Splash

Alexandria Bay:

Representatives from the A-Bay Rotary  were interviewed this morning on WWNY-TV.  Promoting the Big Splash Belly Flop Contest that is part of the Rockin' The Bay Weekend Event.

Here is a video from Last Years Contest


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BEWARE! Cuteness Is Infectious

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Choose Stability and Reliability

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Town Of Alexandria:

Bloggers Note: Yes,  I know I am not a Republican and have no say or vote in the Primary.  However, I believe in electing the best candidate, not the party or popular candidate.  We get enough of the popular and party candidates shoved down on throats at the Federal Level.  We do not need that here!

Big Journaling for Big Intentions

Call of the wild soul is a retreat that first started in england.  I had the honor of being one of the teachers at that event and it was an amazing experience.  Erin Faith Allen has combined art with the deeper aspects of the soul to create an event that will expand your awareness and talent exponentially.  When asked if I would come to Petaluma in Nov., I didn't hesitate to say YES!  I approach this retreat differently than I do my other workshops in that I let it ALL out...I dive deep to tell you where my art, images and techniques really come from and how to access that secret ingredient yourselves so that your artwork and your everyday lives really sing!

 This workshop is more about paint and crayons as opposed to my normal "collage and pens" style I usually teach.  
hope to see you there.

8 new ones

A lot of what I'm thinking and writing these days is about grief, and prayer, and religion. Some of it is angry, which is ok by me, but is not really nice.

Regardless, the subject matter is not really appropriate for here, so I've started another blog for it. Nobody needs to read it - this seems to be part of how I process - but if you're interested, email me at and I'll send you the link.

I'll be back here, by and by. I think that's how this grieving process is supposed to work, anyway.