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Alone But Not Lonely

Some think that because I go out alone, that I must be lonely.
I do not need to travel with a group to feel secure!

Others think that I should crave their friendship, because they are so cool.
Sorry but you are not "all" that!

A few think that I am the most despised person in this village because I do not agree with your business ethics.
To bad you put your energy into a contradictory venture!

Some think that my opinion does not count because I have only lived here 21 years.
How many generations does  one have to live here to have an opinion?

Most think that they are hurting me with their glares and behind the back stabbings.
To bad you feel the need to resort to High School tactics!

You are misguided if you think that my life is somehow incomplete because I am not part of your clique. Your club is not as important as you think!

You are wrong on all accounts because I have my own conscientious, goals, and values and they do not include any of yours....

Final Days Of Summer

Alexandria Bay:

Fall is approaching fast and some die hard river rats took advantage of the final days of summer doing what they love to do..... being on the St. Lawrence River. Photo courtesy of Michele Walton..... a very cool shot.

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear


No, it is not Jenny's number [867-5309].  The 302-394-9555 number has shown up in my cell phone caller ID ever other day for the past 2 weeks.  No message is ever left.  I have called this number back.... there is a brief robotic message that tells me that someone will be with me, please hold on.... then the message stops.... no musac .... no propaganda.... just dead silence.  I did do a little research on this... and supposedly it is a land line number that originates in Wilmington Delaware.  Lots of people have been complaining about this number since early in 2012.  Has this number called your cell phone???  No other info is available..... ANNOYING!

Fog On The River

Alexandria Bay:

Paul Edgar took this photo early this morning:

Cool conditions by the river this morning.

Paul had this to say:  I took this picture from River Hospital. The fog coming off the river looks like a bunch of mini white tornado s up close. The Thousand Island Club is in the background "somewhere".

Cornell College Joins the Circus

Tiny Circus has begun its latest project in residence at Cornell College. Located in hilly Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Cornell College has a long and proud history of community and art.

While at Cornell College, the Circus is providing students with hands-on experience brainstorming, producing, and editing stop-motion animations a collaborative environment.

The Circus moves fast, but so do the students and faculty of Cornell. The production studio is up and running, and the creative team has already done a quick introductory animation with one of Tiny Circus' recurring characters, Billy Circus.

The animation station set up and ready to go.

This month, the Circus crew plans to shoot a series of short animations on the topic of the Seven Deadly Sins. Deciding to limit set-making and animating to only the medium of paper, the group has found a variety of captivating ways to construct and shoot some scenes about sin.

The Circus will conclude the month with an appearance at Mount Vernon's Lincoln Highway Arts Festival . Thanks to the hard work of students at Mount Vernon, you can be sure to stay tuned for some of the most sinful stop-motion you've ever seen.


Was the one word text message I received on my phone tonight.  Really? Really?  The sender could not have dropped the "s" and added a more sincere "you", making it Thank You?  Even when someone is upset with something I have done they just do not send me the word *@#k but they personalize it with *@#k  You! Oh well,  Thank You Very Little

DOUG "WOODstock"

October 6th.... keep this date open and come and share in a celebration of the Life Of Doug Wood.  An all day concert to benefit Sterling and Storm Wood....

Zany Outlandish and Foolish

Those are some pretty accurate descriptors of the local town politics.  You could also add stubborn, ruthless, selfish and so on.  If by chance any of the candidates are entering the political arena to make a positive change, then I applaud you.  However be aware that if the person that runs this town and village does not want you to implement those changes then all your good intentions will die "on the floor" with your motion.  I am not going to get into who he is, just go back and read that wonderful letter to the editor that is circulating around.  He only controls the weak minded and I am never going to become one of his minions.

I have been watching the local politics for several years.  The village has made some progress, along with making corrections as a result of the Comptrollers Audit.  The town on the other hand is mired with bullies, thugs and idiots.  Maybe there will be some change after the election.  But I sincerely doubt it.... not with one man operating all those puppet strings.  I would like to say that I am done with politics, but lets just say I am taking a respite from all the slime.

In Memory Of Douglas W. Wood

I will miss you Doug Wood. One of my best memories was working together on a string quartet score, for the song "Searching" off the 1st BuoyRocker CD. I basked in the glow of feeling your satisfaction and pride, that came with something you had always dreamed of accomplishing. ~ David Knapp

Doug my friend, you are where I will travel someday, many memories with you. So its ok, go in peace knowing, that you have touched so many. You will always be in our lives. ~S.M.

Doug Wood taught us how to laugh and that laughter is the best medicine. ~ R.S.

In 2000 Doug was asked to write the score for the String Quartet part in this BuoyRocker song titled "Searching".  Doug spent weeks writing and developing this score and then directed Agnes McCarthy and the Trillium Quartet, something he always wanted to do.  I was asked to build a video around this song in Memory Of Doug Wood.......