New eye candy.

 I feel like I sorta retired when I decided to quit doing artfest, journalfest and the play retreats.  However, my life hasn't slowed down one bit, it has simply changed focus.  It has been an awesome ride, taking me to places that are new and different.
I've been more than a little obsessed lately with journaling.  I find myself not wanting to do anything else but create.  Thankfully, we just spent a week in los angeles where Tracy taught for 3 days while I got to sit on a deck in the woods (up in Idyllwild) by myself and journal.  It was complete bliss.  But it didn't stop when I got home.  Even posting here is something I am forcing myself to do instead of journaling.  All I want is to immerse myself back into my pages.  But I need to remind myself that balance is everything.
 I'm not entirely sure this page is finished.  I was having fun with my irojiten colored pencils on the background.  love smooth and creamy.  makes my prismacolors and my coloursofts seem super grainy.

 I was reading an interview the other day with Gwyneth Paltrow.  She was talking about going away on a spiritual retreat of sorts.  She set intentions every day she was there but on the last day when she decided to ask the universe the big questions, she said she went on a hike in the red rocks (of arizona) and the rocks literally spoke out loud to her saying the quote I wrote out above.  It really hit me when I read it.  I don't think we give ourselves enough credit.  We truly ARE superheros that intuitively know the answers to our own questions.  We are so much more powerful than we think we are.

 mermaids are still popping up on my pages...

what's up ahead?
Lots (TONS) more journaling.
Our last art romp starting on july 7th.
Some online stuff that I am working on with my daughter, Tiphoni.
Our Summer Evening series workshops (space in everything except the journaling portion).
Speaking (and selling) at Art Is You in Petaluma end of September
and to round out the year, I'm teaching at the Call of the Wild Soul retreat in Petaluma the beginning of November.

Pink and Gray spells Hooray!!!

Ever since I randomly put these 2 colors onto the background of my journal page, I have been crazy mad about it.  I used a neon red paint and a greyish green and wiped them both down with a paper towel while they were still wet to mute them.  This is a work in progress (which I hope is obvious)...

So, when I started painting some extra pages in my moleskine today to get it ready for an upcoming trip to los angeles, I had to use this combo again (although this one is neon pink and grey) and I thought...I should blog about this since I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
I suddenly realized that I was wearing it too!... (I told you I was crazy for this combo...or am I just crazy?)
I think this is use a little neon with a dull color.  SO awesome.
neon pink and brown!!!  or khaki...or army green...I'm getting excited again...
My new neon red liquitex paint pen with some grey montana paint pens.  ooohhh...yum...
 Are you getting my drift yet?  
 I know it seems like these shots are staged.  I assure you they are not.  I had no idea that I had inadvertently assembled little collections here and there with this yummy color combo.
I found these little storage bags at target a couple months ago.
 I found this betsey johnson design (betseyville) from JC Penneys...$30 and had to have it.
 see how handy these are?
wood and neon...I will have to play around with this combo more.  Try it.  You'll like it.

6:20 pm Monday

Impassable traffic
Because highway south of us is flooded? 
(I never learn why)
While already one hour late to hospital to my overnight call
To make up missed call from last week
(Partners are lovely about my delay when I text, and write all my admission notes for me)*
While trying to participate in family meeting via phone about my very ill father's illness(es)** on my cell phone
(Which is the reason I missed call last week)
While my children are febrile at home for the second week in a row
After very long and rough day in the office

Things are kind of hard right now, that's all. 

*I pulled over, because safety first! Also because traffic was that bad. 
**New hands-free bluetooth headset bought for this very conversation.