Rough sailing

I refer you to this article, which was written BEFORE Thursday night.

It's sort of been the perfect storm for me lately. I have a family illness going on, I had a medical malpractice trial starting next week, I had kids and work, I did something bad to my foot which was making it hard to walk. And then the world started falling apart.

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Mermaids Galore

I just have to show you all the work that is being created in our Mermaid Circus Online class!  I am amazed and astounded at not only the sheer creativity so far but the camaraderie and the ideas that are being shared so freely.  I think that being able to watch videos any time and then being able to create in your own home is making a huge difference in the level of art being created.  The facebook group that is included with the class is such a great forum to see each others work and make comments and ask questions.  The excitement is so amazing!

 Some of these are still in progress but already they are amazing.
 The cool thing is that you are free to work at your own pace.
 So much inspiration!
 These are shots of some of the students thinking outside the box when they made their book.  As a teacher, there is no greater joy than to see this amount of creativity being produced.

Some of the mom's are even getting their daughters involved by helping them make little miniature versions of mermaid circus's.  This just couldn't make me happier!!!  and this is just one of the many projects we will be showing & teaching over the next 2 months.

It isn't too late to sign-up.  the videos will be up till end of august.  and you'd only have a few days to catch up if you want to create with the rest of the class.  Honestly...I am so impressed by this forum for teaching.  I am LOVING it and cannot wait for the weeks ahead.

My Gallery Show!

 OMG...I could not be more excited to show off Tracy's and my show at Habitude Salon in Ballard (owned by Inez Gray).  We just hung it today and I think it turned out really good.  But...holy cow was it exhausting!
 They had so much wall space that we could use, so I took advantage of it.
 I ADORE the colors on her walls.  They make my stuff look great.
 Tracy brought a couple guys (thank you Ken Moore and Brad Moore!!!) from work to help us hang and it still took a solid 3 hours.  So thrilled they found a way to get this one in this huge space cuz you can see it from the street and it looks cool.
 Matches the shampoo bottles perfectly!  ;)
I really hope you come down to see it.  I will be there this saturday, april 13th from 6-9pm for the Ballard Art Walk.  But it will be up till June 5th.  Inez has the coolest gift shop within her salon too with really awesome stuff that I have not seen elsewhere.  It would be well worth your time to stop by.


Did I ever tell you about the friend of mine who delivered a baby at my hospital, during the first few weeks of fellowship?

I went to see her (and her beautiful new baby), and she (a professional, composed woman) squealed when she saw me. "You are adorable in your white coat!" she said. "You look just like a real doctor."

I tried to point out that, in fact, I was a real doctor - and had been one for several years. But she was too charmed, and insisted on taking a picture of me with her phone because I was just so cute.

Last year, I reminded her of this story, and she blamed the Percocet. Nice try, I said.

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Intuition in Making Art

I'm often asked "Where do your ideas come from?".  There is always, to some degree or another, intuition involved.  Most people would do better work if they relied on it more.  I wish they would teach it in schools.  It has played such a huge role in my life, pointing me in directions that I would not have ventured into if I was ignoring it.  But has led to an amazing life that I am super grateful for.

Everybody has intuition.  We need to believe in it and let it happen.  I think it's really cool that we have this unique "thing" that helps us in the art making process.  A lot of times people get it beat out of them. They're taught not to rely on it and sometimes it's looked at as something bad.  But this "thing" called intuition really allows your artwork to get interesting and is the main way that your work can become truly original.

It's a matter of being open to intuition, knowing how to use it, how to trust it...that is the hardest thing.  You have to allow it to dictate certain decisions.  With my work, there is no way these pages would get to where they inspire people without that intuitive force flowing through me and spilling out.  How do find your own intuition?  Remember those times when you "just felt right" about something?  That is intuition.  It comes from your gut, NOT your mind.

Paul Rand quotes "It's all intuition, that's all there is".  I wouldn't say that it's only intuition, but it is perhaps intuition that allows the work to get to the next step, to a different level of connection.  Without it you are stuck at a level that might get the job done, but it is not going to be the stuff of people's loves and hates.  What we need to realize, is what the significance of intuition involves.  We have to open out to a larger vision of how the world works, how communication works, how our creativity works.  Intuition is a way of involving the do-er more in the process, as well as bringing in other basic things they have to be aware of, and are a part of themselves.

With everything, the more you do it, the more comfortable you are with it and the more it integrates into your life and makes you who you are.  It becomes second nature to use your intuition on every type of decision you make from what color to use on your page to the big life decisions.

The Journal is the best place to explore your intuition because it is your own private playground.  Create pages that are expressive...personal...intuitive...with no rules at all.  Trust the process so entirely that you aren't thinking about anything anymore.  You are creating blindly, allowing the colors and images you pick up to all make sense somehow.  If you can do this and get in the flow to where it is happening without you (your mind involved), you will be surprised at what you create.

Intuition is my crucial ingredient in my artwork.  Without it, the work feels flat and dull.  I always can instantly spot intuition in other artwork I see as well.  I think it's because I am so familiar with it that I see that spark...that "thing".  Connect with your intuitive self.  It is the best tool an artist can have!