Emergency Leave

I haven't been to work in about 3 weeks.

I'm restarting on Monday, and I think that's ok. They were incredibly gracious and didn't push me (for which I'm more than grateful). If I could have foreseen the future, I arguably could have gone back tomorrow, but Smoosh has had a few setbacks, and I just didn't feel comfortable leaving him until we had actually gone 24 hours without one.  To be honest, I still don't feel great about any of this.

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We're ok

Hey all -

Smoosh is out of the hospital, and despite some setbacks (requiring a second procedure a few days ago, and  a scare-that-was-nothing yesterday), we seem to be proceeding with healing.

I'm trying to remember what regular life looked like, and to resume it.

Thanks for caring. I'll be back at some point. But we're doing ok.

- C


Still terrifying, but better than where we were.

I probably won't update much here -overwhelmed, and needing to update my non-anonymous life - but thank you for your good thoughts and keep doing whatever you were doing for us, because we are in a much better status than 36 hours ago.

Thank you all

My Smoosh

He's pretty sick, but stable. He's in the pediatric ICU, and getting great care, but I'm really scared. Pray/think/do a good deed for us, if you can.

Thank you.