Mermaids Galore

I just have to show you all the work that is being created in our Mermaid Circus Online class!  I am amazed and astounded at not only the sheer creativity so far but the camaraderie and the ideas that are being shared so freely.  I think that being able to watch videos any time and then being able to create in your own home is making a huge difference in the level of art being created.  The facebook group that is included with the class is such a great forum to see each others work and make comments and ask questions.  The excitement is so amazing!

 Some of these are still in progress but already they are amazing.
 The cool thing is that you are free to work at your own pace.
 So much inspiration!
 These are shots of some of the students thinking outside the box when they made their book.  As a teacher, there is no greater joy than to see this amount of creativity being produced.

Some of the mom's are even getting their daughters involved by helping them make little miniature versions of mermaid circus's.  This just couldn't make me happier!!!  and this is just one of the many projects we will be showing & teaching over the next 2 months.

It isn't too late to sign-up.  the videos will be up till end of august.  and you'd only have a few days to catch up if you want to create with the rest of the class.  Honestly...I am so impressed by this forum for teaching.  I am LOVING it and cannot wait for the weeks ahead.