Summer Session 5 --- June 15 - July15, 2012

Summer session #5 is underway here at Tiny Circus Central. We come from local and far-away parts of the country this summer, California to Tennesee.  Over the last few days,  we've been talking and thinking about what Tiny Circus is and does and how to better engage our workshop participants and audiences in our process.  With this in mind, we've begun an animation about creativity - what it is, how it manifests in all of our lives, how thinking about the creativity that exists in our daily lives can make any activity more magical.  We've interviewed college students, ourselves, and folks from the local retirement home in order to get a broad sense of how people think about this topic - then we've talked for hours about how to create an animation about the topic.  

And after a good few days of work, we set up the speakers in the studio and invited some friends for an evening. 

Grin City Collective is a residency program in Grinnell that draws from a national applicant pool.  Residents come to work for a month in the summer, both on their own work and a collaborative project.  

More to come.  We'll be joined by more folks over the next few weeks.