Creativity and Ducks

Exciting things have happened at the Circus since our last post. Most of our animation for the Creativity Project has been shot and we're moving on to editing. Our sound department, which was a team of one for a while, has moved past its first edit and has welcomed new additions in recorded material and in team members. The project is moving forward and it's looking good. The whole circus is excited and rather passionate about the project at a personal and professional level and we all want to see it finished and done right. Everything we do seems to both intentionally and unintentionally shape the direction of our project. From our daily discussions at the drawing board to the actual shooting of the animation, everything seems to be serving a purpose that goes beyond just making an animation to creating something truly compelling as a fully collaborative community.


We've also put up some handmade curtains sewn by our very own circus folk.

And as for the most exciting news of all our ducklings have grown quite a bit! They've joined the big ducks in the yard and have grown tail feathers!