new stuff finally!

 I have been so immersed in life and work that I have neglected my much treasured blog readers.  I am so sorry.  I've been doing alot of blogging on my Mermaid Circus Online workshop site, so I haven't been thinking about it here too. are the latest.
 These weird yellow ones were completely done during the last 2 art romps we held.  I find it interesting that they look so different from my normal stuff (at least to me).  They sorta don't look finished and yet I am in that state of liking them the way they are and being afraid if I go further I won't like them as much.  I think I'll call them done and move on.

 Being influenced by gazillions of mermaids on my brain the last few weeks.
This is a strange little page too.  no explanation.  it's just what came out.  ;)