shows and workshops and more!

 As I write this, I can't help but think that this is the time for Artfest...something I did for 13 years around Easter time.  Do I miss it?  yes and no.  I miss seeing all my friends, I miss the excitement on people's faces, I miss the sheer creativity that would erupt during the event.  I don't miss the extreme stress that I would endure during this time of year.  I have certainly been busy filling my time however.  We have gone through 2 Art Romps now with 8 people sharing my house & studio for 7 days, roughly 12 hours a day.  They have been fabulous (but sorry to say...they are all full with waiting lists).  I also wrapped up
recently that will be starting on april 8th (see below).  It's something I have wanted to do for a long time and I am so excited about it!  and lastly, I am gearing up for
in Ballard, WA. during the month of April.  Come see me and my show on April 13th from 6-9pm during Ballard's Artwalk.
 Oh, and wait...there's more!  I am beyond thrilled that I am the featured Artist in Somerset Studio's Art Journaling magazine (april issue).  A full 10 pages of my art!  Also...we (husband and I) have some 
at our studio in Issaquah that we think will be a blast!  So these are exciting times!
I cannot WAIT for this party to get started.  We had so much fun putting this mermaid online class together and I know it will be even more fun as we see what people create from it.