Hello Mount Vernon!

Autumn is in full leaves-falling, crisp air mode, and the drive from Grinnell - 80 miles East - to Mount Vernon, Iowa was a golden and dusty one.  Last year over 500 students at Washington Elementary School, as well as teachers and some middle and high school students created Elephant Trap, an animation that continues to delight audiences at our shows across the country.
We’re back in Mount Vernon again, this time with a taller order: we are trapping a giraffe!
Trapping the world's tallest giraffe requires lots of height so we decide to use a sky jack to become as tall as the giraffe.  By rigging the camera to the sky jack we are able to capture movements of the students below.
Back inside the school students fabricated parts of the trap and scenery then began bringing them to life at the animation station.  They also worked on composing and recording an original score for the film based off of the phrase "we're gonna catch a giraffe!"
Tiny Circus received a huge welcome back from the students, who covered the walls with an abundance of wonderfully original, handmade TC posters.  Thanks to the students and teachers for the rock star welcome! 
Our tallest trap yet will premiere at Washington Elementary School, Mount Vernon on Thursday, October 13th starting at dusk.